Casa Maron – the adobe home gets a landscape –

Spartan Trailer – Royal Mansion

The model of Roger Brown’s unrealized Adobe home at Lompoc CA – in progress.

Roger Brown’s Cebeda Canyon Adobe home Lompoc CA


An introduction –

As a prelude to the coming year and leading to an extension of my previous work with Roger Brown’s La Conchita collection (the exhibition and catalog, Roger Brown Calif. U.S.A.) I have spent the summer tying up loose ends. The videos ‘Jesus table’ and ‘Pink and Green Hutch’ represents one of the ongoing strands of research through model making. The style of these videos owes much to the video animations that were produced by Rebekah Scheer who as a student in the undergraduate program made 7 videos as part of the curatorial process for the Calif. U.S.A. exhibition.

The making of scale models of Roger Brown’s La Conchita CA home studio and garden developed as part of my curatorial process for the 2010 exhibition ‘Roger Brown Calif. U.S.A.’. Each piece of the models requires a level of close observation based upon examinations of the actual objects and their placement at La Conchita as they appear in photographs made by Roger Brown in the late 1990’s and in photographs that were taken by the Roger Brown Study Collection staff in 1997 and 1998. The prolonged close inspection of these items reveals many details of each of the items on their own, but the placement of each object and then each set of objects in relation to each other in the overall scheme of the house delivers additional details of Roger Brown’s sensitivities and intentions.

The Jesus Table arrangement –

The Jesus Table arrangement
photographed by Roger Brown around 1995-97.

The Pink And Green Hutch arrangement-

The Pink and Green Hutch arrangement
photographed by Roger Brown around 1995-97.