As part of my sabbatical I undertook two projects with the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City CA, that expanded my work with the Roger Brown La Conchita Collection through creations, recreations, and repatriations both large and small, “real” scale and in miniature. In addition I have been working with Casa Dolores, Center For The Study Of Popular Arts Of Mexico, in Santa Barbara CA, whose founder and Director, Linda Cathcart was a close friend to Roger Brown when he lived at La Conchita CA. Casa Dolores is one of Santa Barbara’s oldest Spanish adobe buildings and a portion of the garden there will be established as a permanent remembrance of Roger Brown’s life in California and will include a loan of 13 objects from the Roger Brown La Conchita CA Collection.

At the Museum of Jurassic Technology my focus was on details surrounding Roger Brown’s 1955 Spartan ‘Royal Mansion’ trailer, the heart and soul of Brown’s home and garden in La Conchita. In 1998 the Spartan was adopted by the Museum of Jurassic Technology where it is still moored alongside the Museum’s own Spartanette trailer. The Museum lovingly preserves the Spartan as a studio, archive, library, and pied à terre for their guests, a continuous stream of creative people of all stripes. I was invited to take residence twice this past year to work on developing models for permanent installation inside the trailer and to reconstruct a section of Roger Brown’s garden alongside the trailer that utilizes 35 objects as a gift to the Museum Of Jurassic Technology from the collection, and that now reside as a permanent installation at the Museum.

More details and images about the garden and the models coming soon –